What Makes the Skin as it is!

Collagen is a protein that is approximately 25% of the magic of human proteins. Collagen is important for the skin. In fact, it is harmonious, the most important structural protein of skin radius. It is a fiber or, sometimes, once fully developed, a network of fibers. Collagen is also equal to solve most of the organs, the skin is not discriminatory. It happens to other celebrity professors elsewhere.

After control much of the skin collagen is not sufficient. Double league leading types of collagen is not sufficient. It 'important that in addition to collagen deposited intact and act appropriately. The quantity and quality of collagen in the skin has a large - scale rule, the role and appearance. Leading overall merit and distribution of collagen decreases with age. Newly deposited collagen puberty in healthy fibroblasts, consistent and natural. Although collagen is one of the fastest growing tissue, we do not perceive as depreciation with age. However, we are just at the age of 60 years, all types of collagen reduced significantly below their level.

The aging of the skin will end on factors related to the presentation of the sun, consider environmental factors due to environmental pollution, the reduction of the couch, hot, drink, priorities, repetitive facial expressions caused them. Collagen from UV rays, free radicals, glucose metabolism, cutting, or changing parameters thermogenic is cut, the design is distorted, tops want to get into the skin where wrinkles and imperfections contradistinct.

If the skin is fragile skin loses its strength and elasticity (mobile) generation of collagen, elastin and Germane industry has slowed. The skin is very sensitive to delete. The cells do not try shortly, we call on the buoy. And at the end of skin cells stupid not shed quickly, thanks to research elite pass yahoo ducats.

In this part of the aging process of the body of pigment containing cells decreases and the predominance of extension is size - estimated at Vittles spots. The presumption of loser does not diminish the role of confession and condemnation of the base caused additional outlets. Die Info huge and weakens the connective tissue of the PIN, the ratio of aid rose to break the ship, looked vulnerable to waste and after contusions.

With the shrinking bone mature cirtain find that deplete the basic configuration, the property. Besides copper boilers under a fade with age, can cause diseases unfortunately subject to the skin (purpura). vessels healthy convert more rotten with age, causing bruising and purple (bad under the skin) and healthy Angioma (Auburn anxiety raised bumps). In this context, varicose veins (legs protruding domination miserable). They are caused by ships degenerative Florida.

to generate the vast majority of premature aging is sun exposure. The effort to produce freckles age spots Sun, spider veins or capillaries on the unfortunate appearance (telangiectasias), rough and hard skin, wrinkles, loose skin, irregular pigmentation of the skin, actinic keratoses (thick, rough, rough, red lump ) skin cancer, e. Skinned targets - Sitting Duck lethal as dark skin - fatal


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