6 Tips for Lose Weight Of What To Eat At Night

Many diets are known and do you always doubt that actually helps you lose weight. Blood type diet, liquid diet, protein diet, soup diet, among many others. And one of them to know the proposed exclusion of carbohydrates in the evening.

To distinguish between the myths in this type of regulation of information on who is really true, look involved, how to lose weight, eating the last meal of the day the parent:

1 - To reduce the calories consumed in the night: The proposal, if you want to lose weight is low intake of calories during the night, rice and bread cut jobs and replace it with ice cream, potato chips and other foods as a calorie of carbohydrate.

2 - Adjust the diet is important for an expert to accompany you on the best option to specify. If "Night", can change a game. A person is asleep at midnight deserve a diet different from that which goes to bed by 21 clock. This person is asleep after midnight, when fed for 19 hours, no problem ate carbohydrates.

3 - Physical Activity everything changes: If you have lived there for dinner and then go to the gym, eat your carbs in this meal. Carbohydrates are important for the exercises, because it needs the energy of the body for physical activity provides. And strange as it seems, who do not have to exercise even carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are part of the increase in muscle mass. A person who cuts the carbohydrates in the diet and not the practice of physical activity is more likely to limp, decreased muscle mass.

4 - Make substitutions: If you and your nutritionist to the conclusion that the removal of the last meal of carbohydrates, you will enjoy, your way, some things to eat are also important nutrients. Carbohydrates can be substituted for lentils, peas, chickpeas and vegetables, try the following combination: 1 cup of skim milk or 2 slices of cheese or yogurt instead of white bread, pasta and rice.

5 - Stick to Whole Foods: You can substitute white bread with food, for example. This is a great alternative for those wishing to control weight because they want a greater amount of fiber - which promotes satiety and eating less.

6 - No bed hungry: If you like the idea that eating less, better at night, you can change your routine. Go to bed hungry is more harmful than eating a food that is filled with light, because of reduced sleep, everything has been affected as a function of metabolism.


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